Helping Kids to KNOW Jesus!

I heard a story this week about a pastor. He asked the congregation a question: Do you know who the President of the United States is? All of the kids raised their hands. He then asked: Do you know the President of the United States? Again, thinking that their pastor was crazy, all the hands went up. The pastor then asked them if he had asked the same question twice. Of course, all the hands went up again.

The pastor then explained the difference. If you know WHO someone is, you know their name, what they do, and maybe even where they live. If you KNOW someone, you have a relationship with them. You spend time with them. You share with them. The pastor then asked this question, which I will pose to you: Do you know WHO Jesus is? Or do you truly KNOW Him? This week, I am reminded that in all the busy and fun times in Children's Ministry, we must make sure we are not just telling our kids WHO Jesus is but rather helping them to KNOW Him and be in a relationship with Him. It is our desire at RBC K.I.D.S. that we Kick It Disciple Style, which means that, like the original disciples, we spend time with Jesus and do as He did. We do this by spending time in the Word, prayer, ministry and fellowship!

We invite you and your children to join us in pursuing a real relationship with Jesus Christ. You can also follow the RBC K.I.D.S. program on Facebook! Special thank you to Karen Cooper from Highland Baptist Church in Redmond, Oregon for sharing her testimony and this thought-provoking question.

Michelle Goetzinger

Children's Ministries Director

Riviera Baptist Church

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