Digital Ministry: Evangelism for the 21st Century

Most of us understand the blessings and burdens of living in an increasingly digital world.

Our families have multiple computers in their homes. We follow the GPS in our car when we need to get somewhere new. We check out at the automated register in the grocery store. We carry our smartphones with us everywhere -- and we feel vulnerable without them.

While the prospect of being eternally connected might seem frightening at times, the purpose of this technology is to make our lives better and easier than ever before. Personally, I'm just old enough to remember one such hard time -- back when I had to press the 7 button four times to get the letter "S" in a text message. Now, however, I think of my phone as a modern Swiss Army knife -- ready with a flashlight, a call to 911, a tutorial video of how to change a tire, and a map to the nearest mechanic shop, whenever and wherever I need it.

But what does this mean for our ministry as a church? How can we use these digital tools to better serve God's kingdom?

The first step is to make our church as visible and readily available to people as that ubiquitous cell phone. Just a few weeks ago, we launched a new Riviera Baptist Church website (designed by yours truly). Not only did this improve the aesthetic and functionality of the site, but it's also a lot cheaper. Thanks to our new hosts at Wix, our site is bigger, better, and less of a burden on our budget!

The next step is to boost the traffic on our website. We do that by continuing to provide new content for our viewers. Every week, we post a recording of the Sunday morning sermon under the Audio Sermons page. That way, you can always keep up with all of Pastor Toby's messages, even if you're gone. Additionally, potential newcomers can hear what we sound like before they decide to come inside.

The final step is to keep people in touch with us all over the web. You can join our group email list, follow us on Facebook, and even keep up with us on Twitter! These may seem like unorthodox ways of attracting people to church and maintaining a connection with them, but the easier it is for folks to make contact with us, the more likely they'll be to come and stay a while.

This blog is just another way for us to bring people in. The Riviera staff members will be posting new articles every Wednesday at 9:00am. We'll be writing about our ministries, church events, and our personal walks with God -- so check back with us every week for more!

Musically and faithfully yours,

Annie Pasquinelli

Worship & Media Director

Riviera Baptist Church

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