Growth Groups

Get connected and join a small study group! 

At Riviera, we have a group philosophy that works well with a golf analogy. We have three kinds of groups. Our Sunday worship services is the first. They are like the driver. They hit big and far but don't get the ball all the way in the hole. Our second kind of group is our growth groups. These are small-medium sized groups that focus on interactive Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. They are like an iron. They have more precision and get the ball close, but still not all the way in. Growth groups are great for meeting people and digging deeper into Scripture. Some are gender specific and some are not. Growth Groups are always open to new people. Our third kind of group is our discipleship groups. These are groups of 3-4 people of the same gender and focus on spiritual growth, accountability, and ministry. These are like the putter. They are precise and do what the other groups cannot. Our discipleship groups are not listed on our website.
In addition to the groups listed below, we have other groups, trainings, and classes that meet at a variety of times and locations throughout the year. The best way to learn about our groups is to contact us.

Adult Group

Sundays at 9:00 am

This is for all adults who want to study the Bible in a discussion-based format. We take prayer requests and fellowship with one another. We use the "Explore the Bible" study program from LifeWay. 

Leader: Jim Munyon

Location: Room 108


Prayer Group 

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

We meet in the sanctuary for prayer but also include some reading of Scripture and singing. 

Leader: Toby Gallego

Location: Sanctuary


Senior Women's Group 

Sundays After 9am Service

We hold each other up in prayer, have full class participation, and fellowship.  We use the "Explore the Bible" study program from LifeWay. 

Leader: Wendy Davey

Location: Room 107


HD Youth Group 
Sundays at 10:45am and 6pm

Our youth group is for grades 6-12. Sundays @ 10:45AM consist of small group studies. Sundays @ 6PM consist of fellowship, games, and biblical teaching. Click the picture for more information.

Leader: Matt Atwell

Location: Upstairs Youth Rooms


Preschool & Elementary Groups

Sundays at 10:45am

We now have preschool and elementary classes during the second service. The children leave for class after the first set of music. There is also a family room with a live stream available for families with babies. We plan to get regular nursery care back as soon as possible. 

Leaders: Tina Averill and Vanessa Gallego

Location: Rooms 111 & 109